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Sara Thurman

How Good can God be? Kid's Book

How Good can God be? Kid's Book

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Have you ever wondered if God loves you? This question has been asked by children of all ages and the answer sometimes is that they feel unloved. We often make the connection with our feelings about God in the heavens, to how we feel about our fathers on earth. If children have grown up in a harsh and unloving environment, they may have made a connection that God also gets angry easily and is not loving.

How Good Can God Be? is an inspiring book to all humans who want to feel the universal emotion of love and shows the example of a loving earthly father to his daughter through the growth stages of life, as a reflection of our loving and kind heavenly Father, God.

Sara Thurman beautifully connects the earthly relationship of father and daughter to the heavenly relationship with God and His children. In How Good Can God Be? the dad includes his daughter in purposeful activities on a big ranch in Texas, where they live, while he teaches her how to garden and to patiently wait for the harvest. He also uses words of affirmation to his adult daughter to declare her identity as a loved child. He makes himself present in his daughter's life since she was a little girl and watches her become a teenager and young adult, continuing to be involved in her life.

Offering layered meanings written within the storyline to make the relationship of parent to child positive through a lifetime, How Good Can God Be? is a book for all ages and all children. There is even a hide and seek element in the illustrations with an armadillo to add interest to each stage of life.

The purpose behind this book is to give hope to all children, no matter what age, to be able to develop a loving relationship with Father God who wants to spend time, help, teach and affirm His children.


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