Farmhouse Fresh Bath Bombs

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Relax and soak in a rich effervescent bath of lingering deliciousness! A scrumptious, sweet scent fills the air when any of these bubbling fizzers is added to a bath tub. Each little, adorable 1 oz. fizzer is the perfect size for one full-tub soak – no need to break it apart! Made with nourishing vitamin E and coconut oil, these fizzer balls pack a punch of long-lasting softness.


APRICOT NECTAR: delicate apricot scent

CUCUMBER FRESCA: a fresh and clean cucumber-melon scent

FLUFFY BUNNY: mint julep, lavender and vanilla

LEMONCREME: fresh squeezed lemon

WATERMELON BASIL: juicy, light notes of freshly sliced watermelon and basil

WHOOPIE PIE: a decadent scent of freshly baked whoopie pie desserts